3D Printing? Keep These In Your Mind!

It is hard to find a person who does not know about 3D printing by now. This technology, of course, made everything different and it changed almost everything that we knew. With this innovation, now you can give life to your own imaginations and build your dreams in real world. You can find a lot of different types when it comes to these printers. According to basic categorization, there are printers that can be used in houses for household activities, printers that can be used to carry out research and experiments and the printers that can produce components in mass scale. All these printers have few things in common and with a little bit of practice and training, you can start using one of these machines conveniently. This is also the reason for 3D printers’ enormous popularity.

Calibrate the Bed
In these printers, printing bed is one of the main components and as the name suggests, all the printing process happens here. High end printers are automatically calibrated through computers and if you are using a domestic type printer, you have to calibrate this bed by yourself. This is really a good practice and if you do it accurately, it will work like the best 3D printer in the world! Sometime all you have to do is rotate a couple of screws and sometimes these calibration processes require a computer data feed.

Feed Rate Is Important
Just like a lathe machine in a typical workshop, these printing machines have a tool head or a nozzle that runs on a lead screw. Feed rate is the rate that this nozzle feed melted material on to bed according to your design. You can adjust this feed rate to have optimum accuracy and if you are using a domestic machine, you might learn a lot through trial and error method. When it comes to industrial level. Feed rate is set to a pre-programmed value and you will receive an extreme precision when printing.

Next important factor is the material that you are going to use for your project. There are, of course, various 3D printing materials in Singapore available in market and some printers can use all these types and sometimes these machines uses only one type of material. Properties of final product depend on the type of material you use, of course, and also final finish of the product depends on the type of material.

There are so many videos and walkthrough-guides on internet that tell you how to do your first 3D printing project but it is always better to contact professionals if you have any doubt regarding this technology.

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