5 Things That Causes Acne And What Can Be Done To Avoid It

Acne; the nightmare that’s common to nearly all age groups. Here are 5 things that commonly cause it; and what can be done to avoid it.

  • Stressing – are you dealing with an emotional seesaw at the moment? Perhaps you are having a hard time at work; trying to deal with a difficult boss or meet a nearly impossible deadline perhaps? If you are, then you should be expecting a break out of acne as well. What ever your skin type might be, what ever may be the usual reason for breakouts for you, stressing too can make the zits come out to play. If possible, avoid all situations that will put you in this condition. If stressing is part of your job description, then find the most workable stress buster for you, and indulge in it often.
  • Dirty hair – let’s face it. Despite all the hair health products in Singapore we own and use, there are more than one occasions when we just don’t deal with dirty hair. More often than not, it’s our busy schedules that are to be blamed. If you have naturally oily hair, then acne is not too far off. How to avoid it? Keep your hair clean and neat as often as you can. Avoid products that will over dry your hair and cause dandruff. Wear a turban, hat or scarf so your hair doesn’t get dirtier while travelling.  
  • Bad sleeping patterns – yes, we are well aware that 24hours is simply not enough for most of us; particularly if the night hours are the hours of creativity and energy. But lack of night time sleep is a very common reason for acne (and a lot of other health related issues!); and no matter how much you “catch up” for it during the day, it’s not going to help you. Try to go to bed early; aiming for 7-9 hours of sleep in general. If this is not possible everyday, then at least try to do so whenever possible.
  • Dust – like we mentioned earlier, dust that gets collected on your hair can definitely cause acne. But if you’re using the best haircare products to avoid this, and still breaking out, it may be the dust on your skin and thing that contact your skin; like your hands, pillows and mobile phone. Wash your face as soon as you get home after a busy day, and if possible, periodically throughout the day. Change your pillowcases at least once in 3 days, and always keep your hands and phone screen clean and germ free. If you wrap a scarf around you face and hair to avoid the dust, make sure to use a clean one every time.
  • Wrong cosmetic products – wearing makeup is a common thing now-a-days; regardless to age and regardless to gender. And there are many great cosmetic products built keeping a healthy skin in mind. What’s important here, is knowing your skin type, and what type of makeup suits it best. If you have heavy breakouts, avoid caking your pores with greasy makeup. Allow your skin to breath as often as possible; there’s a possibility it will heal itself…


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