Baby Showers Then And Now

Even though we tend to think celebrations like bridal showers and baby showers are things that have come up in the recent past and gained popularity only now, I’m afraid they have been in existence for a long period of time. I guess it’s just the fact that they were not held in such a loud manner that everyone in town actually knew about it. It was usually held as quiet affair with not much of grandiosity like the baby showers of today. And more importantly it was not considered a must for all the women to have one like it is today. So let’s see how these celebrations have evolved with time.

The Beauty of the Yester Years
Although baby showers were not celebrated in such a lavish manner in those years they were still a considered a very special celebration for women. It was always a ladies only affair which was normally held on a weekday afternoon so as not to disrupt routine. It was considered a small affair where only about five to ten guests were invited and usually held in the home of the mother to be or the church basement in town. The decorations usually took on a white, green and yellow theme because there was no such luxury to find out the gender of the baby, with bows and streamers made of crepe paper hanging down from the ceiling. There was no such thing as mini buffet catering in those days with the food mainly consisting of tea party type of finger foods like tiny sandwiches, cakes and casseroles. Punch was the drink of choice in most of these events. And then came the entertainment which was either in the form of games and storytelling which mostly revolved around babies and life as a mother.

The Glam of Today
So what is it that we do so differently today compared to those lovely years gone by? Well for starters the invitations are sent via a text message, email or social media networks in comparison to the beautifully handwritten invitations that were sent out in those days. And not so surprisingly now even the males are included as part of the guest list. And when it comes to food there is such an extravagant spread that you feel like you have walked into some high quality restaurant. Because now there are catering services that provide special baby shower catering in Singapore for these events. And they deliver top quality food leaving no room for complaint.

But even though there is such a huge difference between the ways these events are celebrated from then and now the essence of it remains the same. You want the mother to have a good time and get all the good wishes possible for her motherhood. And the baby gets a huge booty of gifts kick starting his/her collection.

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