How Beauty Gurus Have A Major Influence On Today’s Generation

Thanks to the internet, all makeup lovers are able to share their make up looks online, people who constantly try new makeup as well as styles and share their process online are known as beauty gurus or beauty vloggers.

 A relationship between a beauty vlogger and a consumer is very personal. People who watch a certain vlogger religiously, will trust any information that they give, therefore when they put up videos with different makeup and advertise different products, if the beauty guru gives positive reviews of that certain product, it is guaranteed that the individual who watches this online celebrity religiously will trust her and purchase the product for herself.

 Most beauty vloggers give genuine feedback on the products they use and advertise, their content is very authentic and informative, as they not only talk about the products but they use it in front of you and show you how it is supposed to be applied, another way to put it would be that they create and upload makeup tutorials.

 Along with the beauty products, other beauty services may be advertised but not intentionally; it is no surprise that many people who can afford it make certain changes to their face, they either enhance a certain feature of reducing a certain feature, they either advertise the products they used to make these changes or either address the questions left in the comments.

 A few products that are trending these days are the lip plumper that is used to plump, shape and contour your lips. You see gel manicure in Singapore on beauty guru’s nails, automatically getting the consumer influenced to do the same.

 Another common product you see on a beauty guru is an eyelash extension; this is a semi-permanent procedure done by skilled esthetics. Even though these are quite expensive they give you bigger and fuller natural looking lashes for a long period of time

 Due to this very reason, many beauty companies send their products to these beauty vloggers so they can try it out and put their honest opinion online, in other words, they sponsor their videos. This advertises their product and helps the consumers identify and purchase them.

 Beauty vloggers have a great influence on consumers. Many beauty gurus online have come up with their own brands and even collaborated with already known high-end brands and created their own makeup products.

 Different beauty vloggers have different topics they are passionate about, some beauty gurus only use organic makeup or cruelty-free makeup, using their platform to give out very important messages and use the influence they have over consumers appropriately.

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